Cannabis: is it a friend in disguise?

It always seems that everyone is on a lookout for a good edible brand. Food is one of the most important amenities that we buy with the money we earn. It is something that we divide between a good day or good mood food and bad day or bad mood food. This means that food has the power to lift us up from any situation that is there. It is extremely unlikely that we consume something that doesn’t taste right or is past its expiration date. It has always been a concept that medicines are supposed to taste bitter. In Canada, the drug cannabis is used in limited amounts to cure many ailments. It is a badly reputed drug because of its over usage by some individuals but it is actually quite a good medicinal cure. The fact that medicines can also be made fun is proved by a Canadian edible company called the herbivores edibles. These have some candies that actually taste like regular candies and have the taste that will make you giggle like a five-year-old. These candies taste like our usual candies but they have cannabis-infused to come extent in them.

The medicinal value of cannabis

Cannabis is a widely used drug today and probably the highest used drugs in the statistics. It gives the individual consuming it a sense of euphoria and a light mood. This allows the individual to let their guard down. They lose their sense of inhibition and indulge in more social interactions. They have perception changes about color and sound too in this period of “high”. In a few places, the use of cannabis has been legalized through to be prescribed this an individual needs to have a debilitating diagnosis. This means that the diagnosis can range from post-traumatic stress to Tourette’s. There has been seen improvement in diseases like cancer, autism and ADHD patients. This research is quite limited unfortunately and not much is known about the exact effects. The entire drawback of the fact is due to the very low research and therefore certainty to the extent that cannabis is helpful and the fact that there are no clear dosage boundaries for cannabis is also an issue for us.

Sum it up

There is definitely some medical value to cannabis and we are very close to discovering the potential of cannabis cure. The more we strive the more we will unveil the medicinal value of what might be an indispensable medicine of the modern age.

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